Ripple's Bitsy Guide

This is more of a reference guide with some advanced tips than a direct walkthrough of the basics. (Note: This guide is based off Bitsy version 5.3 or lower. Not all guides/links may be up to date.)

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1. Links to Basic Introductions to bitsy

Two main tutorials for learning the basics would be: Clair Morley's tutorial, and bitsy workshop by @haraiva

There is also a wiki, but it is still in the progress of being filled out: Bitsy Wiki

One of the most important resources in bitsy (as in life) are friends! You can join the discord and ask questions or read pinned posts about various tricks or advice: Bitsy Discord

2. Starting Tips and Warnings

Firstly, don't forget to "save" frequently by downloading your game! So, if you ever make a mistake or accidentally lose your game, you can always load an older game file and work from there. Below you'll find a list of general tips I've made:

3. Advanced Tips, Extended Features, and Hacks

So, have you already tried out the basics? Are you used to most of bitsy now and want to explore more options? Then here are some more helpful tips, tools, and advice! For more info refer to the following references: andimlenny's FAQ, and the Bitsy Wiki.

Extended Features are ways to expand what bitsy can do, but you will need to alter the bitsy game data. The bitsy game data is found in a tab in the Tools menu at the top of the bitsy editor.

Hacks can radically alter bitsy to make it do almost anything as long as you can code it. However you can use hacks without knowing coding by applying the wide range of existing hacks. Hacks alter the game file's data (the html file) and require you to first download your game, then edit the file directly. Borksy is a tool for applying a variety of hacks, and makes adding hacks to your game MUCH easier and faster.

Advanced Tips

Learning to do a bit of simple bitsy coding can be very useful. By using "show code" in the dialog panel you can directly type in bitsy code and write conditional triggers and manipulate variables. The coding is done between curly braces "{}" in bitsy. Here are some extra references: Bitsy Variable Tutorial by ayolland. Below are some coding tips:

Extended Features

Some extended features of bitsy have been documented in different places such as the FAQ, and pinned in the Bitsy Discord. Here is a list of some of them and what they can do.


A good way to start out using hacks is to use Borksy which can automatically adds in hacks to your file, instead of having to manually cut and paste in hack code.

If you're interested in going beyond Borksy and the set of hacks it offers, you can find a full list of hacks at the github repository.

Below is some advice for various hacks:

4. Some Debug and Cleanup advice

For more complicated games you will want a way to safetly and efficiently test it for bugs. Here are some notes on some common procedures I take to debug my games. After your game is finished it is also important to reverse any changes you made for testing purposes, and cleanup any lose ends. Below are my tips for debugging and cleanup.

Debug Tips:

These are tips for testing your game, and for making it easier to edit it.

Cleanup tips:

Before releasing your game here are some checks to make sure your game is reset to the correct initial state. Often you will make changes for debug purposes (as above), so these cleanup tips are heavily tied to those.

5. uploading tips

There are lots of places you might upload your game, but a one popular place is Here are some tips when thinking about uploading to

6. My personal format guidelines

These are just my personal preferences. Having a set format helps people playing your game differentiate text for characters talking or for narration and makes it easier and clearer for them to understand what's going on.

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