Ripple's Free/Small Games Recommendations!

Glory be to the internet and to the industrious folk of the gaming community!! The wide web is FILLED with tiny gems of delight in the form of....FREE GAMES!! The only problem is, you need to sort the wheat from the chaff, the dirt from the diamond. Though, I really can't call anyone's hard work "dirt", so it's more like looking for polished diamonds among less polished diamonds.

So...Let the Diamonds flow!!

[Note: these are FREE free games with no extra content for money or anything like that, no micro transactions.]

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The Games below are listed as follows:
  1. "Game Name" by "Author": "Genre Tags"
    • Game Description
    • My thoughts on the game
  2. Game 2 etc...
  3. Game 3 etc...

Game Recommendations

  1. Leaf Me Alone by Acid Nerve: Platformer, Puzzles, Exploration, Great Aesthetic
  2. Roguelight by Daniel Linnsen: Platformer, Exploration, Minor Action, Simple Powerups, Atmospheric
  3. Monster Clearer by adventale: Streamlined Psuedo-Rpg, Dungeon Clearing, Puzzle-like/Strategy
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